Why I became an Escort!

Why I became an Escort!

Tuesday 29th January 2019
Management team

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What would you think if your best friend, your sister or your mother came to you and confessed that she was an escort? Would you think that she had something psychologically wrong? Would you be embarrassed? Or want to protect her?

I earn a living, I don't need help to support myself and to me, that's all that matters, although I have kept the part-time job I had before I joined Portfolio - None of my family know that I'm an escort, but I'm not ashamed.

I'm basically I'm a pay-as-you-go girlfriend, without the hassle (no nightmare dinner with the parents or cringe Rom Coms) and with all the best bits left in, I'm not perhaps someone that you'd bring home to meet your family, but I AM someone that you would take out to a fancy restaurant and show off, feeling superior to have me on your arm. The best thing is, I'm ok with that.

Society doesn't always accept what I do, (although that is changing) and it's just easier to keep them in the dark and to save them the worry. Some of the other girls though are totally upfront about their work with friends and family.
Escorting is definitely the naughty secret that everyone knows about, but most choose to ignore.

For many girls in our business, escorting gives them the flexibility they need to go about their life. I've met girls that are studying post-graduate degrees, have kids or are full-time careers. Escorting gives them the best of both worlds - at home when they need to be, whilst earning a good living.

This job is certainly not for everyone, but those that master it can feel untouchable.

Personally, I feel empowered every time I get paid. On minimum wage I could not afford even the tiniest house in Cardiff.

I slaved away, making a fortune for someone else, all the time worrying about my bills and running up credit card debt as a way to treat myself and distract from how crappy my life was.

This was before I became an agency escort with Wales top Agency!

Since becoming an escort I work my own hours. I have my regular clients and I see who I want. I often get taken to luxury apartments and fancy restaurants, earning more money than ever. Now I can now afford the clothes I love, can treat my family and have good self esteem.

Best of all, if I fancy a night off from work, I just don't answer my phone. Doesn't go down well with our management team sometimes!

All it takes is to say and do the right thing at the right time and to want to make the client feel he's getting a great service and I do hope to keep them coming back for more.

If this article has made you think all you need to do is click on the tab to apply call us or WhatsApp. Our team of 22 active escorts is considered to be the top team in Wales!