Freya is absolutely amazing !!!
Best ever and such a nice person as well, I'd love to see her at the weekend as well please 😚


Harper is absolute banging ... oh how is wish I could keep her... right on a level... great great kisser... best bit! Hell of a body... what I would give ... Filthy mind....
Most of all... a genuine real great person ... Rare these days! Hope to see again! Thank you xxx


Well amazing service from Bella, she is a keeper


Aurora is a great girl with a great body. She is very punctual. Highly recommend, wish I booked for longer.


I have to say you have a selection of lovely ladies but none lovelier than Eve. She is the full package. Very pretty, very well educated, and service is second to none.


Alice was lovely

Anon Book

Took Willow out for food, she is a chatty lady. We had a wonderful evening which resulted in me extending overnight. She really is a delight. I have mentioned to her I will be down on business soon and would like to meet up again.

C Edwards

It's taken a while to get hold of Gabrielle again, but she was definitely worth the wait. I'd like to make a weekly visit if possible.


I never ever met girl like this in my entire life, so kind, So beautiful girl by heart as well..Pretty girl 👧.....Bless you.


Thank you for your recommendation.
I found Bella to be absolutely fabulous in every respect.
I found her absolutely adorable and I shall be seeing her again soon.

Gee Man

I booked with Willow for a hotel meet. I booked for one hour and we got on very well. So we extended. I was happy to learn that she was enjoying herself and was happy to stay.
Great service. Happy chatty lady.


Mia arrived quite late to see me. However when she got here it went well. Not my favourite, but would see again.


Angelica is just something else! What an amazing lady you have there.


Freya is only one I wants to seen. She is younger and prettier and nice face

Anon Book

Angel from heaven in the form of Aurora. Young, beautiful, amazing service. Triple threat. Thanks again!


When are new girls coming?
I like these girls but have seen them all now.


Why do I only ever use portfolio?
Not only are the girls amazing, the best actually. Reception are easy to get on with, they deal with my requests very well. They also stay open crazy hours. Perfect for when I finish work late, I can always book someone. Fantastic service.

Mr Evans

I have been trying to get an in all in Swansea now for 2 weeks, where has Gabrielle gone???


Eve is such a wonderful person. I had an overnight booking with her and she was very committed the entire night. We went out for food, it was a pleasure to have her on my arm. She was very well dressed and her hair and make up looked very well done.
Then on to my house where we had a few drinks and the party continued.
I didn't want her to leave, it went to quickly. I will get back to you in a week or so to book again.

old timer

I highly recommend Izzy and Mia, I booked a duo with them last week and they blew my mind.


What a breath of fresh air Alice is. Wonderful conversationalist, sweet and caring personality. Would she like to be my girlfriend??

Greg from Penarth

Please pass on my regards to Viktoria. I can't wait to see her again soon


I can't believe your girls travel so far to see me, I am eternally great full to every one of them. And well worth the travel money!! Angelica next!!

Million miles away

I liked Izzy a lot she is so pretty and had fun time


Seen Ana again today, although she is a lovely lady and we have a good time I would like to see someone else available throughout the day times. A bit of a selection would be better.


Angelica is the woman I have been seeking since I started, perfectly submissive to my wishes, it is a bonus that seems to be enjoy as much as me. I have found my regular girl.

Mr Dom

Thank you for the recommendation on Luna, you were right.. wow!! What a bombshell! One hour turned into four hours without even realising shame she couldn't stay all night.

Neath guy

Spent some time with Rosie yesterday, she was nice.


Izzy was fab - AGAIN !! Nice to have found someone who is so natural- only one word to describe her- ADDICTIVE 😊


Well you know what your doing with these girls!! I saw Freya last night, I booked for one hour, she left after 4, and I wouldn't have left then except she said she had an early morning to manage the next day.
Let me know when I can see her again?
How much would you charge for an overnight booking in Swansea?

J Dug

Eve is a wonderful lady, always leaves me with a sweet taste in my mouth. You have got a regular client with me.

Paul Bristol

I was glad to see Luna's new pictures because her other ones were shit so put me off booking her. WOW!! Her new pictures are lush but that is nothing compared to real life she is so sexy.


Rosie Rosie Rosie. Bbw, and a beautiful girl she is too. Such a wonderful personality. A genuinely lovely lady that I would like to visit again. Thank you

Mr Evans

Emma is great.


Where has Natalie gone? I miss her.
Will she be back? She was tremendous

Neath guy

Lexa never disappoints. She was the first girl I booked via Swansea escort Agency and she is the only one for me. She is a keeper.


I had a meeting with Izzy last night and had a lovely time. . I have booked her in advance for the next couple of meetings

Carl From Rhondda

Megan is unreal, stunning, and her energy is amazing. I will book her overnight next time. Thank you for you recommendation JoJo. By the way are you sure you are never available - you sound very sweet when you answer the phone

swansea lad

Thank you Portfolio.
I can't wait to see Alice again. She was amazing. But I also like the look of Izzy. Not sure who I will book next.


Please say thanks to Izzy for me ! I hope that she felt as comfortable with me as she made me feel with her !!! She's pretty : funny & knows what she is doing 😊 I will only be asking if she's available in future 😊


A gorgeous and lovely woman


Wow, cheers your new addition to the portfolio team is A* her apartment is of a high standard and she is very attentive and extremely attractive.
I shall return. Would you give a discount on a regular basis?

Gavin Morriston

I took a punt at Emma as my usual wasn't available again and was in need of a good time. I found her to be fun and cheeky and giving you feedback as requested
Good company.


This new lady is great. Her pictures don't do her justice. Her body is fantastic. Very young but very good at her job. Well done portfolio got a good one here 😍

william pontypridd

I had a fantastic time with willow, great personality ,gorgeous body and so much fun at short notice. Thanks for recommending her.


I seen Gabrielle tonight, I was late but she still let me to see her. She is very pretty. I had a good time. Thank you for making this booking for me.


I met with Lexa yesterday for a two hour visit to my home and what a breath of fresh air..she is a wonderful well educated lady, the conversation flowed freely, I enjoyed my time with her, I can see her being my new regular lady.

Anon Gower

I thank you portfolio for helping me to find Emma she is a very good looking woman we had a great time. Drinks and chats. We extended as the time went so fast. She was perfect for my party booking

likes to party

Some feedback for Valentina. Exceptionally lovely girl. Best massage ever. Immaculate grooming and hygiene .Highly recommend for others. 🥂

swansea lad

Spent a very gorgeous and pleasant two hours in the company of Willow at my hotel. She arrived on time and was attuning, chatted and helped me relax (I was a little nervous) look forward to seeing her again.


Visited Gabrielle at her Swansea apartment, easy to find and parking. Was met by a stunning lady a good friendly personality, an hour flew by with her and was very enjoyable, definitely worth visiting.


Travelled from Cardiff to Swansea to see Gabrielle. I was very happy with my choice to see her. Made me feel welcomed, even better than her photos. Very nice place to visit. Defo recommend.


After much thought and consideration I decided to see another lady at the weekend.
I was so nervous seeing her. She is so beautiful. Her pictures do her no justice.
She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed despite my nerves. We shared a bottle of wine and a lovely smooth time. Another one that knows how to treat the ladies.

Lady T

Me again.. What a beauty to behold, the breathtaking Aurora. She hasn't been with Portfolio for long but she is already very professional, arrived dead on time (very important to me) She was very well dressed and discreet (also very important to me) We had a
lovely chat, conversation flowed freely, without us even noticing the time, she is such a wonderful lady i am already hooked. Well done Portfolio on catching this one. I hope she stays the course


Mia Mia Mia WOW. Booked her for an overnight and still couldn't let her go. She ended up staying for half of the next day. The girl knows how to do her job. Excellent service throughout. A***

Valleys GARETH

Chloe is wonderful I like her very much, when she comes to see me in Bristol we have very good times. I wish I could afford to see her more than once a fortnight.
Do I get a loyalty bonus or regular discount?

Bristol old timer

Hi there, I just wanted to leave my very first review with you. After seeing the wonderful Alex, I have to say she was amazing, absolutely amazing, we had the most wonderful time. It was so epic that even with an early start to the morning I couldn't help myself
but to extend her all night, she is definitely my new dress up queen.

Peter Llantrisant overnight booking

Oh my god Luna is like a rocket.

Canton John

Me and my mate booked two of your lovely ladies for a party at the weekend. Emma and Meghan. And we were glad we did, they both looked AMAZING exactly like their pictures, if not better. They were very accommodating.We had a great time. We didn't want them to
leave and could have partied all night but we were wrecked. Can't wait until our next time.

Pentwyn 25

I love seeing Viktoria, she is such a wonderful woman.
She knows how to treat the ladies. I've seen her several times now and each time an absolute pleasure. Vik never focuses on the time and that allows for a nice smooth booking everytime.

Lady T

Mia Grace is a beautiful and extremely friendly lady, and i will definately be seeing her again. Please pass on my thanks to her


Wow Luna is amazing! Very difficult to get hold of. Still has the new girl nerves but she relaxed fairly quickly. The conversation flowed, her figure is stunning. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY

Neath guy

Aliah is a joy to behold, they truly broke the mould with this one

Gee Man

Thank you for your recommendation to see Mia Grace. She was a little late but it's not a problem. She is a very nice girl. Looked super hot in her outfit had a good time. Thanks


Spoilt for choice now Portfolio with these new girls you know me I like to mix it up a bit they are brilliant. They all look exactly like their photos and they are the best company

Shy guy

After attempting to book several ladies that were not available I finally managed to book Ana.
She isn't my usual type, but I am happy that i seen her. She is a very pretty looking lady with a great body. Gfe was the best yet. Sadly she was driving so she couldn't drink with me. I really wanted her to stay with me for the night as she blew me away. Unfortunately that option was not available, but we did manage to extend the booking a further 2 hours. I can't wait to see her again. An overnight is a must next time.


As always it is a pleasure doing business with you.
After seeing your add on viva street i decided to see Brooke for the first time, i am very happy with the service i received. She arrived very well dressed showing her naturally sexy curvy figure, exactly like her pictures.

Long time customer

My partner and I have never indulged in exploring sexually before even though we have always wanted to. Last week we bit the bullet and we booked one of your ladies to join us.
We had the most wonderful time. We met at the hotel bar and had a few glasses of wine before proceeding to our room. My partner and I felt at ease the entire time, we explored with each other in a way we never have before and we were in ecstasy. We will book again next time we return to south wales.
Thank for the recommendations, my wife and i believe we definitely made the right choice.

kinky couple

Have seen Meghan a few times over then few months she has been with you. Great girl, very friendly. I am glad to see her back on the books with you. I can't wait to see her again on the weekend


Met with Kimmie for the first time as my regular wasn't available. What a lovely west Walian girl. Lovely shape. Put in plenty of effort.
Had a great hour with her, highly recommended.

Neath guy

Astrid is top marks 10/10. Amazing kisser. Like snogging an angel. I can't spend my Christmas shopping money like this you bad people

Canton John

Ashlee was wild and wicked and pretty wacky. She picked me up and spat me out. Sorted til the New Year I reckon.
Recommended if you don't have a heart condition.

Phil Cwmbran

Seen Aliah this morning and oh my god why didnt you tell me about her sooner? Can I marry her? She is so hot and fit. I had an amazing time. Thank you so much

Happy Client

I seen a girl last night not from around here. Conversation was difficult to start. English was good but difficult to get a good flow. Not the usual way of the agency.
Wasn't a bad booking, both had fun. Just wished we could have chatted more and had true GFE but she was my choice
I will be back, try another new girl maybe

Shy guy

I dont usually write reviews but have noticed this section a few times as I have become accustomed to the agency. Nothing but excellence in their service and compare favourably with 1 other Agency I have used.
I last saw Aliah and I rate her service as second to none. I felt completely relaxed the entire time. She is super hot and we had such a wonderful time that it just whizzed by. That led to me extending the booking, she was very happy to comply Aliah was in no rush to leave, I felt quite honoured.
Anyway, I have made a few advanced bookings for my future visits to town to make sure i don't miss her. Thanks to you and to Aliah

Travelling man

I have total confidence in the agency and always make my evening girlie my first port of call.
I am systematically making my way through the ladies on offer and i am yet to be disappointed. I typically like the whole GFE and most of the ladies i have seen have it down to a fine art.
I like the whole variety on offer, no two ladies the same. Excited to welcome these new ladies to the sweet array already on offer


Well the agency now has quite a selection.
After calling Reception and speaking to James, giving my preferences I was recommended Angelica.
Her pictures dont do her justice. You definately need to meet her in person. And I love the Scottish accent. Was a nice treat. Very pretty face good conversation little bit cheeky, I like that.
In all a nice lady that would like to see again one day.


I seen one of the girls last night it didnt start very well as she arrived 45 minutes late.
She then had to get changed on arrival. This came out of my time.
But was worth the wait. Pretty face, lovely body. Good conversation over a glass of wine.


I think its great that you have a girl in Bristol, Mai Li
I was short on time and she was near by worked out perfectly.


I'm back. I had a meet with Ana this time and wow, I think I am in love. When will she be back in town?


I have seen a few of the girls now Ashlee Verity Emma Nia Aliah
All good girls. I will be booking one of the many new girls you have to offer over the next few weeks
thanks team

Steve Cwmbran

When reception recommended that I should see Savannah little did I realise what a wonderful evening that was in store. What a fascinating lady. Ticks all my boxes

Swansea guy

Excelent service as usual. Thanks Portfolio

Biggest fan

I was recommended Meghan as my regular Amber was already in a booking.
I like her. She came to my house on time she smelt lovely looked very pretty and a lovely slim body and a typical welsh girl.
I enjoyed her comapny very much. We had a great chat and a few drinks and plenty of fun times.

Newport Dave

I'd like to say comunication with Portfolio as always quick and easy, a pleasure.
The girl, Brooke was dressed in nice clothes and make up looked good, nice and fresh.
She is a cute curvy girl, just the way i like and i enjoyed my time with her.
I will be booking her again.

Mr Fella

I had a tremendous time with Amber and Emma they are totally top girls in many respect.

Train enthusiast

I feel saddened that my Angel has left me, I am hoping she will return one day.
Thank you for sending Lexa she was a very good substitute and a very beautiful lady and I look forward to seeing her again soon. Many thanks again

Cardiff hotel David

I had a lovely time with Toni, when can I see her again. Beauty and brains.


11th September .Sienna arrived promptly and was exactly as Reception described her. A lovely girl who was dressed as required. Secretary look was good. 2 hours flew by and I wish I could afford to see her for longer. Thank you.

John Whitchurch

What more can I say about Angel the blonde bombshell Superb in every respect. Always on time and so much prettier than the pics on your website. Shes a very kind girl.If only she did attendance allowance Id be sorted.

Doug Blackwood

Nia was awesome. Blew my socks off. Will be seeing her regularly

That Morriston guy!

13th October. So disappointed that Imogen had to cancel due to illness on the day. I had been looking forward so much to our time together. I appreciated your recommended substitution with Brooke. Wow. As you know I extended the booking twice. The champagne and your generous discount to assuage my disappointment may have helped. Thanks Julie on Reception. You are a diamond.

David W. Monmouth