How Much is your Privacy worth? Keeping your confidence!

How Much is your Privacy worth? Keeping your confidence!

Wednesday 20th March 2019
Management team

For some people, their personal lives are open for all to see, with no concern for their reputation or confidentiality. Others are in sensitive professional positions, and therefore their personal lives are to be fiercely protected. Still others are not necessarily in a prominent or public position, but still have a professional reputation to uphold, possibly within their company or the community.

As the saying goes, "Poor is the man whose pleasure depends on the permission of another".

This is not to say that many men don't actively choose to conduct themselves with integrity when it comes to their personal lives, Lets take a married man as an example.... some guys can find themselves in the uncomfortable situation of remaining with a spouse they no longer feel close to, for whatever reason, yet he still conducts himself with a level of integrity, by remaining within the relationship for the sake of children or out of honorable commitment. Thats one personal choice

But what if his wife is no longer feeling affectionate towards him, or he is traveling far too much for business, where she is unable to accompany him. These trips can leave one feeling quite lonely and stressed, in need of some pampering and enjoyment. If the connection he feels with his partner is faded or broken, he can be in a very awkward and lonely position indeed.

Still other guys don't have any particular commitment to a woman, but like to spend their leisure time meeting women wihtout the need for details of liaisons splashed across the public stage because one's personal life and companionship is considered something to be conducted discreetly

This is exactly when a professional introduction escort agency such as ours comes into play.

A genuinely elite and discreet high quality companion can change the lives of some gentlemen - and PRIVACY & CONFIDENTIALITY are the operative words.

When you use a professional escort dating agency, assuming it is a high-quality one, your privacy is of the utmost importance. The reputation of the agency depends on good match-making experience, and providing discretion at all times. They should be focused on creating the perfect match for people, not on making as much money as possible. Choose your agency very carefully. Some agencies may charge less, but you need to be aware of their processes and how they value their clients privacy.

A reputable, high end agency will do thorough checks on all their ladies, as well as ensuring that they sign confidentiality agreements. This guarantees quality as well as the fact that they are committed to protecting their clients. The agencies at this level are few and far between, so do your research and look for the ones which actively strive for excellence. You can usually tell by the way their emails are responded to or telephone conversations are conducted. Anyone can pay for a high end website, but having the day-to-day quality in actual operations will tell you whether they are genuinely elite or not... Seek out the agency which obviously makes an effort to take their business seriously. This is usually an exact reflection of how they will treat your privacy also.

Information about you in the wrong hands could potentially cause a lot of harm. In a world where a lot of our details are stored online, we are vulnerable and we need to take as many precautions as possible, regardless of the sensitivity of our status, or lack thereof. Does the agency keep records? A high quality agency will not retain records of your appointments, unless they do so under a very discreet username for accounting purposes and of course if an agency is operating under the radar and not paying tax they could be involved in all sorts of illegitimate activities also with your personal details!

Are your payments taken via secure methods? Don't leave yourself open to any risk...Sometimes a more discreet option like direct bank transfer can be wise. Make sure you know the agency is reputable before sending any amounts of cash to their bank account. Also check that the company's name is discreet. Any account under the name of escorts/ adult titles should obviously be avoided as should bank transfer references detailing an escorts name.

With 7 years experience the Portfolio group of Agencies maintain 100% compliance with all of the good practices described here and that is why we are the Number 1 Agency with a remarkably high level of very loyal clients. In fact 80% of our bookings are generated by loyal clients whose privacy is totally maintained at all times. The professionals, celebrities and sportsmen among others who use our services would all testify to that! (if they were not so concerned about going public!)

Yes. You can book with total confidence because the trust you place on us and our team is of such very high value.